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Hey there! This is the second part of this journey in Iguazú.

The main attraction of it is obviously its waterfalls, located inside the Iguazú National Park; which requires at least two days to be completed, considering the amount of hiking routes it has.
Superior Trail

It takes you through the jungle, to the upper part of the waterfalls, where you can appreciate the amazing view of the “Devil´s throat” the main attraction. However, during the hike, there are lots of amazing view points and animals wandering around. Perfect for photography lovers! So the trail takes longer than what it says, considering the photography stops.

Iguazú Park

Inferior Trail

This trail goes to the same Devil´s throat, but straight to its lower part. I won´t say this is better, but it has a plus: There are some boats that take you literally under the waterfall! A great – and wet- experience where you can appreciate its beauty. There are also some great viewpoints, perfect for a selfie with an amazing background: A full rainbow! And of course, lots of animals

and bugs, such as coatis, geckos, lizards, armadillos, birds, bees and butterflies.

Beware! Even coatis look cute and harmless, they like to steal food. Yeah… they steal your food. So better avoid them when you are eating, and DON´T FEED THEM, since our snacks are lethal to them. Try to take some food from home for your trip, since there aren´t much restaurants (one or two, just that) or just buy some snacks on the stores. That’s the better option.

Iguazu Park


Macuco Trail

This is the longest and the wildest of the trails. It takes 7 km total, surrounded by a virgin jungle. The only sounds you will hear are birds, bugs, and the wind hitting the trees. There is not a single car noise. Perfect for photography lovers, there are lots of plants and flowers, and different kinds of butterflies. Even though the trail gets tough sometimes, it leads to an amazing viewpoint, which has also a short trail that takes you to the very bottom of a tiny waterfall, and you can shower under it. It is totally worth the climbing.

Iguazú Park

Devil´s Throat

The main attraction. It has an astonishing viewpoint of the main waterfall, and the geographic accident that is the so called Devil´s Throat. To get there, there is a long runway that goes over the Iguazú River, so you can appreciate both the river and the wildlife during the walk. In the end, there is an amazing view. Absolutely impressive. You can also appreciate a huge and complete rainbow, perfect for a photograph, and the birds that fly around the huge waterfalls. the Brazilian side is also visible.

Tip: There is a chance of watching the Devil´s Throat during the night. It’s an excursion that occurs only in selected days, in which there is a full moon. Be sure to check the moon calendar on the webpage before hiring it, to make sure when it´ll happen again. It’s also with limited places.

Iguazú Park

For you to know:

There is a train that travels all over the park. It is pretty useful and it doesn’t require tickets.

There are lots of stores where you can find “mates”, a traditional argentinian drink. You will see that most of the locals – if not everyone – is having it, and it´s a good and tasty gift to buy and try! Is pretty easy to get and there are hot water dispensers to prepare it.

The best way to get there is by bus, which leaves from Puerto Iguazú every 15 minutes. Is cheaper and easier than renting a car. They also take you back, when the park closes, at 18:00.

Remember that you can only buy the entrance tickets with cash, so make sure you have enough Pesos (the national coin) to get them, and avoid the large line in the only cashier available.

There is also a touristic center, where you can learn more about the jungle, its flora and fauna, and of course, the Guarani´s, the local tribe.

Iguazú Park

Don´t forget to bring a swimsuit, a towel and some spare clothes, because you will sure get soaked!

This is about Iguazú Park. Read here for more about Iguazú Falls.

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